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Grace Kim responded to a query on cohousing-l to “cohousing veterans:” “What should we (a forming group) be worried about / work out in advance / get a good plan for NOW?" I'll preface my advice with the fact that I am an architect, but also a founding member of an urban cohousing group in...
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Temescal Creek Cohousing neighbors enjoy their new common house, which includes a unit on the top floor that helped offset construction costs. (Photos by Andrea Kissack) We often joke that we are the fastest cohousing community ever formed. In March 1999, after only three months of meetings,...
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What is a common house? For many, the first instinct is to think of it as a community building. Indeed, a common house shares many of the aspects of a community building: it is a place to gather in large groups, to eat together in a community, to share child care and other common facilities. But...
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LEGAL ISSUES IN COHOUSING DEVELOPMENT Jonathan Klein, Klein Hornig LLP June 12, 2008 Presented to 2008 NATIONAL COHOUSING CONFERENCE Bentley College, Waltham, Massachusetts Abstract: This workshop will be a comprehensive overview of the legal issues that arise in the a typical cohousing...
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FAIR HOUSING in layman’s terms Institute for Human Centered Design Joshua Rucker Project Director DCRC/ FHA FIRST
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design goal: to luxuriate in life (cold beer, warm shower), to live lightly on the land : design a compact building with a tight, well insulated envelope that responds to your climate, take advantage of everything you can, recognize your opportunities , control ventilation, design a right-sized...
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Outline: - Sustainability - View, Practice and Action - Conflict, Taking Whole, Forming - Social Drama
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Kraus Fitch Architects is pleased to announce that it will be partnering with Transformations, Inc in developing a new cohousing community as part of the Village Hill neighborhood development in Northampton. We have been holding informational meetings about cohousing and the potential for this...
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Dear all, I wanted to share this exciting news. HUD is talking about cohousing! See email below from the woman I work with on Fannie Mae and FHA Project Approvals. "Wanted to share the attached brochure, HUD DC handed out in our roundtable meeting March 24-26, 2014. You are referenced on...
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