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Banners on the front of the Tokyo building identify the floors that the cohousing community occupies. As cohousing increasingly becomes a global phenomenon, I've become curious to learn how different countries mold the concept to reflect their cultural, financial and regulatory realities. I...
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From the website ( ): “Our goals include building residences that are beautiful, comfortable, resource efficient and sustainable. Our site design will have extensive common facilities surrounded by a lush landscape and connected by handsome walkways. But we plan to take...
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While community living is not a new phenomenon, one must acknowledge that with the success of cohousing, the idea is being spread for the first time on a global scale. If globalization tends to destroy cultural variation, the flexibility of cohousing has allowed it to resist that trend and to adapt...
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People often ask me what I consider to be the biggest difference between American cohousing and Danish cohousing. As an architect, I think people are usually asking about architectural features. But there’s more to it than that. When I show Danish visitors American exercise rooms, they always...
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