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Sitting on the back deck, summer evening, listening to the birds in the swale, kids in the pool, sunlight fading… It seems to me that living in cohousing is pretty much kid paradise. “Our” kids at Nevada City Cohousing, like most American kids, go off to a variety of schools (local public,...
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A great video from the conference, courtesy of Ava Lazar (11) and Mia Lazar (13) who are kids living in cohousing Click here to view
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Question: I would like to know the number of units of the smallest Cohousing communities and people's opinions about the smallest number of units necessary for a viable Cohousing community. Response: Years ago, somewhere in the literature I saw the results of a survey that the ideal size was 25-...
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If I had an emergency at work and had to go to the hospital, there are 12 homes where my children could stay for 48 hours and be completely comfortable. A single mother by choice with two daughters, ages 3 and 6. Single Mothers by Choice is an organization that provides information and support...
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With cohousing communities taking hold in the early 1990’s, we have produced a generation of “children of cohousing.” These now-young adults benefited greatly from growing up in a cohousing community. We are looking for their stories, their experiences; how they have applied “cohousing lessons” in...
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