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Innovative. Sustainable. Home.

Cohousing communities are intentional, collaborative neighborhoods created with a little ingenuity. They bring together the value of private homes with the benefits of more sustainable living. That means residents actively participate in the design and operation of their neighborhoods, and share common facilities and good connections with neighbors. All in all, they stand as innovative and sustainable answers to today’s environmental and social problems. Welcome home.

Aging Better Together Conference - What an Impact

"This is the only place this conversation, about aging with support in community, is happening. Right here." - Katie McCamant, CoHousing Solutions at the Aging Better Together Conference, May 2016

Indeed, the Aging Better Together Conference took the bull by the horns in addressing how cohousing can empower seniors to age successfully - and have fun in the process. The program unveiled ideas for reinventing aging through a community framework: how cohousing can empower older adults to self-organize into high-functioning communities of support; how the principles of aging in community can provide the blueprint for everyone to ask for, receive and give care; how senior-friendly cohousing can contribute to a sense of purpose that improves our health, happiness and creative productivity.

Maintaining Open Space

Wolf Creek Lodge shares about 2 acres of open space with our neighbors. Much of this open space is forested and, like other California forests, has become overgrown after years of fire suppression. Combined with several years of drought, this can result in unhealthy trees as too many trees compete for water, air and sunlight.

Aging in Place: Contributing to a Community

[A repost from Peter Lazar's blog at ]
I'm writing this at 34,000 on my flight to the 2016 Aging in Place conference hosted by Coho/US in Salt Lake City. I like in-flight wi-fi ! , but I digress...
The topic of Aging in Place got me thinking about the benefits of living in community as we get older. I think of my former neighbor, Betty, who in her vibrant 80s was an active contributing member and cook for the community. Then she broke her hip. Such a setback at that age could easily have sent her to the nursing home. But her neighbors rallied and took turns bringing her meals until she recovered. She lived quite a while longer in that setting than she could have, living alone....Similarly, the neighborhood recently helped another beloved neighbor as she was recovering from cancer. Key to both of their successes was that they were contributing community members before they got sick. Their years of contributing to the community resulted in appreciation by others who were more than happy to help them in their time of need.